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Blood clot in head



My wife has been having severe headaches for about 8 months now. She had told me a while back it felt like she had an anurysm. We were in a domestic dispute and I unfortunately hit her in the head. She said she was seeing a doctor, and he said that there was a blood clot in her head and nothing could be done about it. I feel terrible about what happened but I would like to help her find a solution to fix her headaches and take care of whatever is in there. Please let me know.


Unfortunately, you have not provided enough information for me to be able to provide you with an answer. If you could resubmit a more specific question, I would be happy to try to answer it. Specifically it would help to know what type of blood clot (was it a subdural hematoma)?  If it was a subdural, the blood clot will typically dissolve with time although headaches may remain.

With regard to headaches after trauma, they, too, may go away on their own with time.  In the interim, medical treatment can help.  I do not know if your wife's doctor is a neurologist.  If not, it may be helpful to consider referral to a neurologist.

I hope this helps.

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Brett   Kissela, MD Brett Kissela, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Director, Neurology Residency Program
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati