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Do I Need To Get Retested After Taking The MedMira?



10 months ago, I had protected sex with a sex-worker. I am terribly worried from that time as I rubbed my penis with my hand after I rubbed the condom with the same hand. 8 and half months after this accident, I got tested by a home self test kit (MiraTes). Test result was negative. Two weeks later (9 months after the accident), I tested myself again using the same product (HIV MiraTes). Test result was negative again. However, I am still very worried as this test kit is not approved by FDA. I am also afraid to go to the doctor for test. Can I depend on those two tests and free my mind? Please advice.


Home test kits have been approved by the FDA for the detection of HIV infection.  One of these is produced by MedMira, which is what I assume you are referring to.  (I cannot find references to "MiraTes" but you can check on http://www.medmira.com/ to see if this was the test you took.)  These tests are very accurate, and since you have done two of them 6 months after the exposure, with both of them negative, I think you can quit worrying about that particular exposure.  Continued contacts with commercial sex workers would place you in a high risk category for sexually transmitted disease acquisition, including diseases other than HIV.  A change in lifestyle might prevent further anxiety.

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Peter Grubbs, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati