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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Marriage as A Health Solution



I am sorry, I wasn`t finding best catogory to send my question. Perhaps it wouldn`t match you. Please forward it to relevant person. Thank you. I am 25y old unmarried Muslim man. I have HCV +ve, LFT normal. the doctors here suggest me to not use any medicine as LFT is normal. They declared me normal. I feel some other problems. Sometimes I feel slight irritating pain in left portion of my whole body including left eye, left testicle, left leg etc. Center of this pain is left portion of my stomach or intestine. I usually feel this pain whenever I eat eggs, oil, sugar, milk in excessive amount or when I awake till late night than usual or do any hardwork. I also experience wet dreams excessively (twice a week). I feel sexual desires in me too much and I miss presence of wife in my life. I observed that whenever I meet some girl for my sexual needs, I start losing concentration, increase in thirst, restlessness, nausea and couldn`t eat food but want to drink too much instead of eating food although I feel hunger. In these days, I experience wet dreams 4 times a week and irritating left pain also increases. When I consulted a doctor here, he told me it is due to HCV +ve, but my LFT reports remained normal. When I focus on gaining concentration, these symptoms disappear. Also when I experience night ejaculation (sometime twice a night), I feel myself much relaxed, concentrated and don`t feel health problems. I was thinking that marriage may be a solution of 75% of my health problems. What is your opinion and what do you suggest me please? Waiting for you reply


It sounds like there are a lot of personal stressors in your life right now, and they are affecting you in several physical and emotional ways.  I'm glad you have consulted with a physician to make sure there are no treatable physical problems.   However, emotional problems like depression and anxiety also have physical symptoms.  Luckily, both these problems can be treated.

I would also recommend you talk to a mental health professional, such as a counselor or psychologist.  Talking about the concerns you have is a start to understanding and dealing with them.

Good luck.

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