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Prostate Cancer

Effect of Lupron on Hot Flashes After Therapy



I had two Lupron Depot injections, the last one in January 2004. I also had Casodex injections the last one in December 2003. I had 42 sessions of radiation which ended about four months ago. My latest PSA was 0.04. I am still bothered by hot flashes-sometimes as many as ten-fifteen per day. How long after the hormone and radiation treatment should the hot lashes continue? Is there any treatment and/or procedure that will reduce their frequency?


It depends if you are to remain on Lupron.  If the medication is discontinued testosterone levels will slowly rise (usually over a period of 6 months) and the hot flashes will subside.  If the medication is maintained the hot flashes may stay permanently in about 10 -15% of patients and in the remainder usually stop over a period of months.  There are medication that can be used - Megace - is the most common and you should ask your physician about the agent.

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Martin I Resnick, MD Martin I Resnick, MD
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