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Kidney Diseases

Kidney Lobulation



I went to see a urologist who performed an ultrasound on my kidneys. On the right kidney he saw a cyst and a possible lobulation. He said that the cyst was, by itself, benign but he was more worried about the possible lobulation. He has sent me for more tests including a complete ultrasound at the hospital and possibly a CT scan. What are the possible ramifications of a renal lobulation?


In order to make an educated guess I need a bit more information from you. Lobulation in infants is different than in adolescent aged, "middle age," or senior citizens. It has a different connotation in males in contrast to females.

Let me make some assumptions; first, you are a "middle aged" male; second, you are having symptoms of prostatic enlargement; third, you do not have diabetes mellitus. These are the reasons you sought a urologist for medical help. He/she ordered the ultra-sound study to better visualize what part of the urogenital tract was producing your symptoms. His only concern apparently is some lobulation only in your right kidney, no prostate enlargement, no obstruction to urine passing from either kidney to the bladder or beyond. This would indicate some "kinking" in a section of the kidney tubules too small to be visualized by the ultra-sound study.

There are several ways that this could be further evaluated by the complete ultrasound that was ordered. It is difficult for me to more than speculate. If any of my assumptions listed above are incorrect, let me know and I will try again.

For much more detail on this subject, I suggest that you use the NIH Web site listed below.

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Philip W Hall, 3rd, MD Philip W Hall, 3rd, MD
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