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Anxiety and Stress Disorders (Children)

Stress Induced Anxiety



I need to give you some background info-I am a college freshmen going to college for two months, and I live in an apartment by myself (for two months). I am a quiet stay at home type of person and I have a very strong relationship with my family. I have been going to college for two months with no problem in health or body. Last week I went home for 4 days (the longest I have been home for two months since I usually go for 1 day) and then I came back on sunday. Today is the next friday. The problem, I had not been able to fall asleep on sunday night until 12:30 So the next day I started to worry about not being able to fall asleep and because of the worry the same thing happened every night since then. This has been going on the whole week. Now, on tuesday I began to feel very lonely and homesick. I started to worry and get anxiety. I have a feeling in my stomach I think it is called a nervous stomach and I an constantly uneasy adn queasy. Even though I have been living by myself for two months I have never had these feelings. I do not enjoy watching tv or reading which I usually use to pass the time. So now I constantly worry about being alone and I cannot sleep until very late and I really just want to go home. I wish I could just calm down and get back to my life. I really need someone to listen to me and need some support. I cannot even eat like I usually do. Food tastes bad and my nervous stomach makes me feel like throwing up. I am really getting scared. how does a person control their mind? Nothing has changed since last Sunday but my life has become a living hell. Even though it is not possible I am thinking of impossible options of like quiting college and going home. This only after a week. I need your help. I need someone to listen.


Barring something physical or a change in diet or environment, your problems may be related to a sudden bout of anxiety, brought on by stress.  If your college has a counseling program, usually through the student health service i would urge you to see someone to make sure of the diagnosis then help in determining a course of therapy.  It certainly sounds like your life is being disrupted, I would urge you to see the health service soon.

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Floyd R Sallee, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati