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Obesity and Weight Management

Child with Obesity Problems



I am searching for information for a research paper for school. I came to a website that made me interested in children. I investigated the topic more, and I found that many children have an obesity problem in America. I would like to find out more about this if at all possible. The main thing that is on my mind is whether or not obesity is the cause in most social problems in the youth population today? Can you please answer my question sometime in the near future so I can learn more about this topic?


The journal, Pediatrics, had an article about a year ago (PEDIATRICS Vol. 112 No. 5 November 2003, pp. 1138-1145) on obesity in children and behavior. The researchers found that children who have significant behavior problems, as described by their parents, were nearly three times as likely to be overweight as other children. What isn't known is whether the behavior problems promote childhood overweight or whether the overweight promotes behavior problems. The underlying hypothesis of the study was that the behavior problems preceded the obesity. The article cites 8 other studies between 1985 and 1996 that you could also access online as you prepare your paper. You may abstract the latest journal article online at http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/reprint/112/5/1138


Julie C. Lumeng, Kate Gannon, Howard J. Cabral, Deborah A. Frank, and Barry Zuckerman.  Association Between Clinically Meaningful Behavior Problems and Overweight in Children

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