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Feel very sleepy just after breakfast



Every morning just after breakfast i feel very sleepy and drowsy…… i`m scared is that can be a diabetic symptom……… ive checked my blood sugar by myself at home and it showed 92 on empty stomach and 133 just after one and half hour after taking break fast. i took braed and butter with honey and a cup of tea as break fast.. please help and clear my doubt………is my sugar level normal why do i feel sleepy and drowsy?????????


The answer may lie in your food choices for breakfast, not symptoms of diabetes. A high carbohydrate diet is a known precursor to some of the brain chemicals that help us to relax. When we eat a high carbohydrate meal, we tend to become very relaxed and calm, henceforth, becoming sleepy. A meal of bread, honey and butter can be as much as 60 or more grams of carbohydrate. Honey is a concentrated source of carbohydrate. That in combination with the bread is maybe more carbohydrate than you need at a meal. That will depend on your age, height, weight, activity and metabolism. A more balanced meal might include a little more protein like a scrambled egg, 1 tbs. peanut butter or a slice of low fat cheese instead of the honey. A combination of carbohydrate, protein and fat provides a more balanced meal. Another way to slow down the digestion is to add more fiber with such foods as whole grain breads, fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and high fiber cereals. Another good breakfast might be 1 cup of non fat yogurt, 1 cup of blueberries and 2Tbs. chopped nuts. As for your blood glucose levels, they were within normal limits for a fasting blood glucose reading (70 – 110 mg/dl) and postprandial (<180 mg/dl). These will vary with the level of carbohydrates you eat, your body’s ability to metabolize the nutrients and the combination of the foods you eat (fat, protein and carbohydrate).

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