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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Subtle Symptoms of Depression And Axiety



I am a male aged 48 years. In my life I had to compromise with the situation at every phase. Recently, I have developed a fear psychosis so much so that if someone talks to me with a raised voice, I shall start prespiring with palpitation. I can not argue out with force nor I can assert myself. Of late, if I watch some TV program or hear some speech, tears roll down my cheeks as if I shall start crying. This is probably due to my sensitive nature. My wife has a very admant nature so that in the process I can not assertively argue with her nor can I negate her proposals and I am very much afraid to say no to it. I have become very timid. I am very successful executive but our expectations and ground reality are distinct as a result I have developed frustration and the end result is that I have made it my mind to reoncile with my haves but always curse myself for have nots. I am passing through a tremendous crucil time and sometimes I feel I shall loose my balance. My doctor friend says that I have anxiety and stress and some sort of chemical imbalance which has changed my personality, and it needs to be corrected by use of SSRI medicines. What do the above symptoms suggest. I have become pessimistic and the element of gusto is absent. I have lost interest in life Please give me suggestion.


It sounds like your doctor friend might be right.  You are describing many symptoms that people with depression and anxiety have.  I encourage you to check out the attached weblinks -- they have more specific information about these illnesses.  I then suggest you see your own primary care physician.  You want to make sure you have no other significant illnesses.  Your doctor could then begin medication for you (SSRIs - selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, such as fluoxetine, sertraline and others, are usually considered first line medication for depression and anxiety.  In addition, I recommend you consider some counseling and therapy.

Good luck.

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