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Infectious Diseases

Could Mono could lead to Cirrhosis?



I had Mono over 5 years ago. I still experience low grade fevers, enlarged lymph nodes, and fatigue. I have had simple blood tests done that reveal nothing abnormal. I have read that mono can cause Hepatitis and that Hepatitis can cause liver damage. I have a lot of the signs of the liver damage. But I have had exetreme weight gain instead of loss. Any suggestions as to what is wrong or between the connection to liver damage and mono? Thanks


Generally, mono does not cause long-term liver disease. If you continue to have enlarged nodes, documented fever, and some objective evidence of increased fatigue (cannot do what you did in the past), you should consider seeing a primary care physician, who may consider a consultation with an Infectious Diseases specialist.

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Gary   Roselle, MD Gary Roselle, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati