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Obesity and Weight Management

Weight loss pills



I am one of the people who cannot swallow pills very easily and if they stink /taste/smell I have very hard time stayingon a really good program, I use applesauce, jello, puddins and etc doesn`t work my question is haw bad do they smell & taste if they are as big & similar to herbal life I cannot take; I am in the market for a very powerful appetite curbing medicine (pill/liquid form)please inform me of this product.


Why depend on a pill? Curb your appetite by changing the foods you eat and how you eat. Foods with high nutrient density and few calories are good choices to curb your appetite. These are mostly fruits and vegetables because they contain fiber which adds bulk. You get full on fewer calories, and studies show that people stay satisfied longer.

Begin your lunch and evening meals with a broth-based vegetable soup or a salad with a light dressing, or both. Then eat your main course as a small portion. Have a high fiber, high protein cereal or breakfast bar at breakfast; plus include fruit. The extra fiber of the fruit will add a little more satiety (feeling full longer) than drinking a juice. I add extra protein at beakfast, too, by adding dry powdered milk to the nonfat milk I put on my cereal. Protein also provides satiety. Neither fiber or protein cause your blood sugar levels to spike after a meal.

When your blood sugar level rises rapidly after a meal your body produces too much insulin to metabolize the blood sugar, causing a quick drop - which in turn signals the brain that you are hungry again. When blood sugar levels have not risen quickly, not as much insulin is produced, and blood sugar levels don't fall as fast. Your brain doesn't get the message that your body is hungry.

Also, eat slowly. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize that your body is no longer hungry. Don't skip meals! Skipping meals sets you up to eat too fast and too much the next time you eat.

Here are your pill substitutes: Vegetable soups can vary. For variety use different vegetables to give a different flavor. Use different herbs or spices from one time to another. Puree the vegetables some days and other times leave in chunks or diced. Make enough for several servings and store in the refrigerator. It may taste better after storage because flavors blend. Some soups are also good cold.

Think beyond a lettuce or mixed green salad when making salad. Try a different mix of vegetables each day and flavor with a different lowfat salad dressing or mayonnaise. Again, make enough for several meals and store in the refrigerator. It often tastes better the second day. Think broccoli salad, grated carrot salad, cabbage salad, 3 or 4-bean salad, marinated pea, carrot and green onion salad. Make a mixed green salad with fruit in it, such as raspberries, dried cranberries or raisins, fresh pears, peaches or strawberries. Complement with a sprinkle of chopped nuts and/or grated cheese of your choice.

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