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What Do My Test Results Mean?



I recieved a test result from my physical back when they also did a full run of STD tests, just to be safe. I understand most of the test. But one result says HIV - NM - Reactive. Under comments, he mentions my trigliceride levels being high, but not anything about this result. He had said if there was a major problem he would contact me directly, but now I have to wait all weekend. I was hoping to find out what that result meant. I was wondering, I couldn`t find anything on a google search for HIV NM reactive, so I wanted to know what that meant?


You are asking a question that is specific to the way a specific Laboratory and / or Physician's Office reports Study results, which does not fall into a universal standard. Based on what you report it could be read: HIV - (meaning non-reactive) NM (meaning Normal) - Reactive (Meaning Non-reactive), or translated to words: HIV non-reactive with a normal value of non reactive. But it is important for you to clarify these results by calling your Doctor's office and/or the Laboratory that performed the testing. In general an HIV Positive test requires a confirmatory test, which may take 3 to 5 more days, and a follow up appointment for post-test counseling.

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