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Fainting and blood donation



Hi, The first time I donated blood it went perfectly, I felt good afterwards (I`m an 18 year old girl by the way). The second time I fainted unexpectedly, and I just got back home from a third attempt, where I *would* have fainted had I not notified the nurses of my sudden dizziness. I am feeling very frustrated! My iron is good, I`m a healthy vegan, I run, blah blah blah, why am I suddenly having such trouble with this? Fainting is a nerve response, isn`t it? Your pulse slows and blood pressure drops? But why does this happen? I always make sure to eat LOTS of quality food and consume enough water, so what gives? I`m at a total loss. The only things I can think of are: a) I`m on my period? b) the 2nd attempt I was told by the nurse that I have an irregular heartbeat... what is that? c) I do have a history of anxiety, I`ve been diagnosed actually, but it is fully under control, and I am not nervous at all when it comes to needles.. any suggestions are most welcome.. thanks for your time!



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