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What Are My Chances Of Being Exposed To HIV or STDS?



Dear Doctor, I visited a sex worker yesterday night. I would like to consult you. What`s my chance of getting HIV or STD diseases (e.g. warp, syphillis, etc.)?

The sequence of actions went in this manner last night: 1) We had a shower together and we went to bed. 2) She kissed and sucked my nipples. 3) She placed the condom onto my penis by bitting on the nipple of the condom. Immediately after that, she rolled down the condom using her hand. 4) She masturbated for me using her hand. 5) At the same time, I did some petting on her neck. Thank you so much and kindly please advise me. I am worried sick. Please help me.


The best thing is to go see a doctor to get tested. The odds of getting any sexually transmitted disease (STD) depend upon whether someone has one at the time of sex, how contagious (likely to pass to someone else) they are and whether any fluids were exchanged. Typically, without a condom the chance of passing HIV during sex between a man and a woman is about 1 in 600 to 1 in 1000. If you use a latex condom, the risk is much lower. Other diseases can be passed during sex like herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, warts and hepatitis. Some of these can be passed through saliva coming in contact with broken skin or contact with the surface of the mouth, vagina or rectum. It is very hard to estimate every circumstance and give you a specific number. So, my best advise is to go get tested for common diseases.

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Carl   Fichtenbaum, MD Carl Fichtenbaum, MD
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College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati