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Hi, for the past two months I have been getting my period every 14 days whereas I always got it every 18 days very regularly. I think my endo said I had low progesterone. My neighbor said that she had the same thing and her doc gave her progestin to take 10 days of the cycle for 6 months and that she would get normalized. She did in 2 months. Is this a common practice? My doc did not mention this treatment to me. Thanks,


Abnormal periods can be caused by endocrine disorders (thyroid, prolactin, etc), medical problems (liver disease, kidney disease, clotting disorders), uterine abnormalities such as fibroids, or as a diagnosis of exclusion, failure to ovulate (reflected by not making progesterone).  Your age, prior menstrual history, physical exam, lab tests, pelvic ultrasound, etc can all determine how you are treated for this problem.  If you are overweight or have hair growth on your face, neck, chest or back, you could have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  It all depends on the cause; therefore, a thorough work-up is recommended prior to treatment.  If you are found to be anovulatory (not making progesterone), you can be treated with progestin agents, or with contraceptive hormones to regulate your cycle.  I would recommend that you see an ObGyn physician or a Reproductive Endocrinologist for evaluation.



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