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Vascular Surgery

Problems getting blood from my veins



Every time I get a blood test they have a lot of difficulty getting blood from my arm. The vein will collapse etc, then they are forced to get in from my wrist, which is not very fun. I was told last time not to allow anyone in the future to even try to get blood in my arm, because it is too problematic. Is this a common problem? I am a 62 yo woman, am I at a higer risk for a stroke? And lastly, are would it be wise for me to be on any medications to treat this problem, or take any vitamins or supplements to help the structural integrity of my veins. I have vericose veins too. Thanks in advace for your time in answering this question. Your time is appreciated.


Unfortunately you are one of many. Difficulty in getting blood for lab studies has no correlation for your risk of stroke. The size of your veins is genetic and not something you can adjust with therapy, medications or surgery. Other than it being problematic to get blood from you, your veins are currently not a health risk to you due to their size.

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