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Gum Diseases

Change of color on top gum



I have worn dentures both upper and lower for over 30 years and am 58 years young. I have never had problems with my gums. I had a physical 2 months ago, all was fine, including blood tests. The other night when I took my dentures out to soak overnight as I normally do, for whatever reason, I looked at my gums. On top, in the front, right above where your 2 front teeth would be.....one side is a grayish-white color,small and the other is a darker gray color, small. I know that if you have white patches or red patches in your mouth, anywhere, it can be a sign of cancer. I have called the cancer hotline, researched this on the internet and found nothing. I have an app`t. with the dentist on May 28, but I`m worried, not knowing why my gum is gray which it has never been..was checked about 4 months ago. Thank you.


It is normal to see candidiasis (an infection caused by candida=fungus) if one wears dentures for a long time. This is probably what you are experiencing. It can be treated with an antifungal medication, and your dentist will probably need to replace your dentures. The best thing is to wear your dentures less frequently (if it is possible) and see your dentist as soon as possible.

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