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Vascular Surgery

Swelling in leg is interferring with life



I am 45 and had a deep vein thrombosis 20 years ago while pregnant. I have tried to exercise and wear compression hose but despite that I am now beginning to have a great deal of swelling in my lower leg by the end of the day. I am quite active with three teenagers and a multitude of duties to attend to. I am an elementary teacher so I must be on my feet all day. I am quite frustrated with the lack of advice I can get from my GP on what to do-basically he says "live with it." Is there anything I can do or take to promote healthier veins and enable me to keep up the active lifestyle to which I am accustomed?


I would recommend you undergo a Duplex of the deep, superficial and perforating veins of both legs to evaluate how the valves in the veins are functioning and to assess for clot. As a 45 year old female, there are several options which may be available. 

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