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Can I Get HIV From A Kissing A Guy Who Recieved Dental Treatment?



Hello. Four months ago, I dated with a male net friend, whose HIV status was unknown to me. In our date, he kissed and licked my cheek and lips. But we didn`t have deep kissing, no direct tongue contact either. The only thing I`ve been worrying about is that: the guy told me he just took a tooth treatment 4 days before we dated, and a temporary crown was placed in his mouth at that time. Although he said the bleeding had stopped, he still felt sour and uncormfotable around the gum during our date. He was also taking some antibiotics at that time to reduce the infection. Since then there were some small acnes (or pimples?) on my face, do you think if I have a possibily contracting HIV from that guy if he`s HIV positive? And if there is a chance, how great was my risk? Thank you very much.


There is almost negligible risk with what you describe however it would be prudent to take an HIV test to rule out the possibility.  

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Pamposh   Kaul, MD Pamposh Kaul, MD
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