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Infectious Diseases

RE: Can I give Chlamydia through oral or fingerin



An ex partner of mine has just told me that she has Chlamydia. I`ve just booked myself in for a test but I was wondering if i did have it could a pass it on to someone if I fingered, rubbed their clit or performed oral on them?


Chlamydia is a very common sexually transmitted disease, present at one time or another in up to 20% of sexually active individuals. The infection can be asymptomatic, or produce uretritis, vaginitis, proctitis, and is associated with pelvic inflammatory disease and fallopian tube scarring. Oral infection and transmission of this bacterium has been described, but it is exceedingly rare. Chlamydia can only survive for any significant period of time in mucosal membranes, so hand/finger transmission is not possible.

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