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Can I Get HIV From Blood On A Toilet Seat?



Dear Doctor, This is a wonderful website for educating people about HIV and I got a lot of knowledge here. Here`s my story. Last weekend, we had a small party at my home. Some friends (some I know, some I don't know) came to the party. After the party, I cleaned the house and the bathroom. There was some stain (not sure blood or urine or some other stuff) on one toilet. I cleaned it and might have touched it without wearing any gloves. Then I washed my hands with water and soap (about one or two minutes later). As I know, my hands had no open sores or abrasions at that time. But later, I was told that among those guys attending the party, one is HIV positive. I began to worry. What are the chances for me to get HIV via this possible hand touch of the stain? Thanks for your information!


An exposure of bodily fluid to intact skin will not transmit HIV.

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Amy Beth Kressel, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati