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Transmission Of HIV Through A Sore From My Finger Following Mutual Masturbation



I visited a massage parlour 2 weeks ago. We engaged in a mutual masturbation. Assuming she is a AIDS/STD carrier.

1) My fingers that were coated with her vaginal fluid touched the head of my penis (about a few seconds contact). Can I say that my risk of HIV and STD are low?

2)Thirty minutes before I visited the massage parlour, I tore off some dry skin (around my nail region)on my thumb and index finger. It resulted in some bleeding wound (a total of about three wounds with a size of about 2mm each). I used these "wounded" fingers to manually stimulate her vagina (duration of about a few minutes). Assumming that I still had some blood on my finger wounds during the stimulatoin process that came into direct contact with her vaginal fluid, can I say that my risk of HIV and STD are low? Kindly please advise me. Thank you so much.


Given the scenario you describe (a possibly open sore on the finger coming into contact with vaginal secretions), you could not say that the chances of spread of HIV are nil.  I believe that you should see your doctor, explain the circumstances, and request testing.

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Peter Grubbs, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati