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Breakthrough Bleeding with seasonale



I am on week 11 of seasonale and I have been having breakthrough bleeding for about 3 weeks. It is really driving me insane and I want it to stop. I read that it would stop if I went ahead and started on the white pills. However, I am having surgery on august 2nd and do not want to have my period while I am recovering. So I have a few questions. How long does breakthrough bleeding last? How long does it take to start a period after stopping the pink pills? Also, I`m switching to Alesse at the end of the pack of seasonale, will I have to wait a week to be protected?


If you are on week 11, then you are about to start the white pills on week 12. The breakthrough bleeding will improve with prolonged use. It may take a few menses for the lining to be thin enough to hold out until the 12th week. Once you stop the pink pills, your bleeding should start soon. If you start the Alesse no later than 7 days after stopping the pink pills, you should have continued protection and not need a back-up method.

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