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Face and Jaw Surgery

Scar Tissue on Upper mouth gum



I have been to two Department Heads of metropolitan hospital oral surgery departments, and one ear, eye,nose specialist recommended by my primary physician, to see if the scar tissue inside my mouth (now on or near the upper gum area) can be removed. There is no pain, no cancer, no outside cosmetic problem. There is a however, very high level of internal mouth discomfort from the hard ridges and bumps, skin tightening, which I feel all day, every day. Since I always been problem free in the health department throughout my life (I`m a senior), I am highly depressed by this discomfort..Both doctors said my tissue is healthy and there`s nothing they can do to remove it because more scar tissue would be created? I`ve accepted this for 8 months now and continue to be distressed. Can anything other can oral surgery be done inside the mouth? How many oral surgeons should I go to before I accept defeat? (since we hear about medical miracles all the time)Is there a specialist for this sort of problem? The scarring was created by a qualified demeratologist who shouldn`t have been doing anything inside my mouth. I`m not interested in the blame game, I am interested in feeling good again. Help.


It is hard for me to visualize what you are describing.  However, it seems that you have already been seen by at least a couple of good professionals for this issue.  I am not sure what benefit will come if you continue to seek more opininons.  I would encourage you to do whatever you feel more comfortable with.

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Guillermo  E Chacon, DDS Guillermo E Chacon, DDS
Associate Professor of Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University