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Should I Get Retested Again After Possible Exposure?



I'm a 19 year old female. I was raped in November of 2004. I tested negative in March for HIV, but I am still feeling at risk. I have reached a new level of stress within the last few days. Come to find out, my 11 year old sister has been communicating with the guy who raped me and she told him where I live, everything about me, and she even gave him my phone number and even my previous phone bill. The last 3 days he's been calling all of my friends, harassing them, and spreading lies about me and telling people that he gave me AIDS.

Now I can't sleep for two reasons: the guy is stalking me and now I'm even more worried that he gave me a disease now that he called people and told them he did. Should I retest?


You would benefit from retesting again at 3 & 6 months after the exposure to be absolutely sure that you were not infected in this manner.

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Pamposh   Kaul, MD Pamposh Kaul, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati