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Obesity and Weight Management

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Can you suggest a journal article that has a sample survey about media`s role in childhood obesity so I can model my project after it


Here are several journal articles that refer to the media (TV mostly) and its role in the risk for childhood obesity. Survey tools themselves are not in the journal article. You need to contact the corresponding author to get the survey. A literature search for more articles using the key words childhood obesity and media role or media or television will come up with more articles. You will need to read these journal articles to determine if the information for the results reported were gathered using a survey tool you can request from the author.

[1] Matheson D.M., Killen J.D., Wang Y., Varady A., Robinson T.N., Children's food consumption during television viewing, Am. J. Clin. Nutr., Volume: 79, (2004), pp. 1088--1094

[2] Ariza A.J., Chen E.H., Binns H.J., Christoffel K.K., Risk factor for overweight in five- to six-year-old Hispanic-American children: a pilot study, J. Urban Health, Volume: 81, (2004), pp. 150--161

[3] Swinburn B.A., The obesity epidemic in Australia: can public health interventions work?, Asia Pac. J. Clin. Nutr., Volume: 12 Suppl, (2003), p. S7

[4] Ma G.S., Li Y.P., Hu X.Q., Ma W.J., Wu J., Effect of television viewing on pediatric obesity, Biomed. Environ. Sci., Volume: 15, (2002), pp. 291--297

[5] Spagnoli T.D., Bioletti L., Bo C., Formigatti M., TV, overweight and nutritional surveillance. Ads content, food intake and physical activity, Ann. Ig., Volume: 15, (2003), pp. 611--620 [in Italian]

[6] Sugimori H., Yoshida K., Izuno T., Miyakawa M., Suka M., Sekine M., et al. Analysis of factors that influence body mass index from ages 3 to 6 years: a study based on the Toyama cohort study, Pediatr. Int., Volume: 46, (2004), pp. 302--310

[7] Overby N.C., Lillegaard I.T., Johansson L., Andersen L.F., High intake of added sugar among Norwegian children and adolescents, Public Health Nutr., Volume: 7, (2004), pp. 285--293

[8] Henry C.J., Lightowler H.J., Al-Hourani H.M., Physical activity and levels of inactivity in adolescent female ages 11-16 years in the United Arab Emirates, Am. J. Human Biol., Volume: 16, (2004), pp. 346--353


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