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Skin Care and Diseases

Small facial rash



I am a 51 year old female. About 6 weeks ago, I noticed a small rash starting on the bridge of my nose, right between my eyes.. It has grown very slowly and is still only about 3 centimeters. It does not itch, it does blanch, and is not raised. I have not tried any new products or been on any new medications. I know it is not acne. I`m a little concerned about a lupus rash. I know that starts on your nose or cheeks. Can you shed any more light on this matter? Thank you very much.


Your description of the red eruption appearing on the bridge of your nose has several possibilities.  You mentioned that the lesion blanches and is otherwise asymptomatic.  Would wonder, as you do, if you have developed a form of lupus erythematosis, polymorphous light eruption, or have the early changes of rosacea.  Occasionally superficial basal cell carcinomas will begin as small red plaques that expand.

In any event, this is the kind of process that needs to be evaluated by a board certified dermatologist and possibly biopsied.  Biopsies are not mutilating but are necessary to clearly define the kind of process going on in your skin and underlying connective tissue.

PLEASE, see your board certified dermatologist!  This kind of process should not be ignored and treated with over-the-counter preparations.  Some of those may make it look better but in fact disguise the underlying process.  Good luck!

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati