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Kidney Diseases

Kidney stone



I have a kidney stone the doc said it was 3mm i don`t know how big that is or if i can pass it.

Is 3mm passable?


3 mm is 3 millimeters, which is very small. Whether you can pass it depends upon where in the kidney the stone is located. The kidneys are made up of a series of tubes. Some of the tubes are less than 1mm in size. The stone cannot pass through it. Some are several mm in size. Usually, if that is where the stone is located, you have probably passed it already. The pressure building up by the stone blocking it will automatically force the stone to move down the tube to bigger and bigger tubes. If the stone is not in the tubular system it will require some other means to get rid of it.

I urge you to ask this question of the physician who took the x-ray. They are likely to have the necessary information to answer your question. There are also some articles on kidney stones on NetWellness. Using this information may help you when talking with your doctor.

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