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Spine and Back Health

Degenerative Disc Disease



What sympthoms should one experience with the following MRI reading ? `Minimal degenerative retrolisthesis of c6 on c7, normal signal in the cord and bones. C4 and C4-5 with slight facet degeneration but no significant stenosis seen. A slight right neural foramen stenosis at C4-5. C5-6 with mild to moderate Disc degeneration as before, some anterior and posterior endplate spur, slight thickening of ligamentum flavum. Moderate canal stenosis, mild foramen stenosis, cord slightly flattened. At C6-7, similar disc degeneration, minimal retrolisrhesis, a slightly greater degree of moderate stenosis with the subarachnoid space largely effaced, again, a subtle distotion of the cord, mild foramen narrowing. C7-T1 through T4-5 unremarkable. Impression: 1)Moderate central stenosis of c5-6 and c6-7 levels, some mild to moderate cronic disc degeneration at these levels look similar to 2/2001 2) very mild facet degeneration, several levels of mild foramen stenosis. Can you see this in any way causing or triggering Migraines?


It sounds as if you are asking for an expert diagnosis.  Only your treating physician, who knows your health history, should be advising you on this. 

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Anthony Guanciale, MD
Associate Professor and Director, Division of Spine Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati