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Exercise and Fitness

Stair climbing as exercise at work



I commute a long distance to work and also have a family, so traditional weekday workouts are not an option. My office has one flight of stairs that I would like to use during the week as excercise. My questions: I get winded and my legs get tired after about 3 sets of climbing (down and up = 1 set). How often should I climb each day to actually benefit? Also, can I do this every day, or do I need to allow a day between "workouts"? I do hope to do additional workouts (walking or weights) on the weekends.


Stair climbing is a great form of cardiovascular exercise.  When beginning an exercise program, you want to begin slowly with about 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, such as stair climbing or walking, 3-4 days per week.  If time is a factor, you can break up your exercise into smaller sessions throughout the day.  And, yes, you can stair climb on consecutive days.  Just make sure to pick one day out of the week to refrain from cardiovascular exercise.

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