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Transmission of HIV to An Infant From HIV Positive Parents



A 2 month old foster child who was exposed to HIV and Hep C during gestation, but has not tested positive for either and has received AZT and antibiotics and is doing well. Both parents are positive for HIV and Hep C. What are the odds that the baby will contract either and where can we get info. on this specific type of situation? Thank you.


This is a complicated and critical issue. It should not be left to reading or musing. At 2 months old the child should be followed in a pediatric clinic experienced with HIV and Hep C. Unfortunately, the situation you describe is not that unusual, and the Childrens Hospital in any relatively large city (Cincinnati, Columbus, etc.) should have such a clinic and be able to answer your questions with specific reference to your child.

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Gary   Roselle, MD Gary Roselle, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati