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Can an allergy to milk products cause seizure



My 43 year old boyfriend has infrequent and mild seizures. He has been tested for almost every ailment under the sun over his entire lifetime. He has been taking anti-siezure medication for about three years with virtually no change in his condition. Someone told me that a severe food allergy can sometime cause people to have seizures. This took me by surprise bacause his mother (now deceased) once told me that she believd his seizures were related to dairy products. Is this possible?


It is unlikey that this is what is causing your boyfriend's seizures.  However, elimination of dairy products from his diet for a few months would exclude this as a cause if he continues to have mild seizures.  Usually other symptoms such as hives, swelling, breathing problems... are associated with food allergies within 30 minutes after ingestions.  Less common presentations are possible but very rare.  The elimination diet is the safest and best approach to exclude a relationship.  Go to www.AAAAI.org to find an allergist in your area that could further advise you on this issue.

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