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Vascular Surgery

Unresolved swelling post pregnancy



Following delivery of my first child (March, 2000) I had significant swelling in my legs, ankles, and feet; more in the left than right. When the condition lessened, but didn`t resolve completely, I sought consultation from a vascular surgeon. He completed an ultrasound of both legs, ankles, and feet and determined that "gates" which push fluid back toward the heart had been permanently damaged in the pregnancy/delivery. The condition continued to wax and wane, getting worse with subsequent pregnancies (two more) and lessening post delivery. However, there is still noticable swelling, particulalry on the left, but right also. Is there anything that can be done to correct or at least improve the swelling?


Absolutely! First off, I would suggest you see your local vascular surgeon ( I see patients in West Chester area and in Cincinnati if you are close.) and obtain a venous Duplex study which evaluates your deep and superficial valves ("gates") in the veins. You likely have problems still with these valves. There may be minimally invasive outpatient surgical options or something as simple as a good compression stocking. Best of luck!

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