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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

The Environmental Development of A Disorder



I have had s serious problem since many years ago... since I was a child, I have always felt I was different from others, that my whole life had some special characteristics that no one else`s had, and these characteristics made it full of despiration and isolation. Now I understand its reason; that was because of my father`s depression, which made him feel like being alone, all the time; so my mother and I had to help him by not inviting any guests to our house and not attending any parties. Since that time, I have become very sensitive; so, almost everything, even a mere angry look could make me depressed. I think I started to understand about sexual secrets very soon, and this made me more sensitive, so that when someone, even my uncles and my grandfather, kissed me or huged me, I felt uneasy. From that time, I was afraid of ticklling and being touched. I also think I might have been sexually abused, but there is no evidence of it, so I sometimes think it is just because of my dirty mind and that I am going crazy. Unfortunately, I live outside of America, in fact in Asia, so I can never meet you. 2 years ago, I went to some doctors in my country and they prescribed me Fluoxitine, and I am still taking it. I feel a bit better, but, still, there are times that I suffer from nervous breakdown, that although don`t last more than a day or two, still make me very uneasy...


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I'm sorry, but your specific story and symptoms do not lend themselves to an answer on the internet.  You are in need of personalized medical and mental health treatment.  Flouxetine may be a start, but you also need counseling and therapy, and probably additional medications.

Please do not hesitate to get treatment -- you need personalized attention.

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