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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Coping With A Lack of Control



Recently I experienced the same type of problem that I have been experiencing since three years ago, however, what happens is that I get this feeling of lack of control, I tend to get frightened of myself for not being able to control specific activities, I try to repress those feelings, sometimes it works, sometime I try to talk to myself in order to convince myself that its always in my hand, it usually happens when I feel that everything is going on better than before, for example, I ll start believing that I can finish the assignment, I can concentrate, I would have difficulty breathing, and I keep on frightening those feelings for days, I get so exhausted, I cant talk to anyone about it. Another type occurs when I start feeling depressed for no reason, I would feel exhausted and sleepy before going to bed, I would believe that I cant sleep, I would have disturbing feelings that wont allow me to sleep, I usually fight them, these have been occurring since three years, I try to repress them, however, they occur again. What should I do in such situations, im getting exhausted with the inability to control my self, I even get frightened from myself.


Trying to "control" emotions, feelings, anxiety and depression by willpower is about as successful as "contolling " diarrhea, diabetes or other diseases by willpower.  It's not terribly successsful.

You may have a serious illness, like anxiety, panic attacks or even post-traumatic stress disorder. I encourage you to look at the web site links for more information. Then I recommend you see your primary care physician first, and then a mental health professional for counseling. You need to be seen and get evaluated.

Good luck.


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