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Infectious Diseases

Undiagnosed swelling and joint pain



My brother-in-law has been experiencing severe joint pain and hand and foot swelling. He has been to the ER, his family Dr and an ID specialist with no diagnosis. They are treating with doxycycline and his fever and sore throat have subsided, yet he is still in severe pain and is swollen. He had a rash (appeared more like hives) but it seems to have resovled a bit. There is no lymph node swelling and they ran serology for `cat scratch fever` and rocky mountain spotted fever, but have not gotten the results. Any suggestions or recommendations?


The purpose of Netwellness is to educate the general public, and cannot give specific medical consultation.  It sounds as if your brother-in-law is being managed appropriately.  I would recommend that your questions be directed back to either of the two physicians he has seen.

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Peter T Frame, MD Peter T Frame, MD
Emeritus Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati