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Obesity and Weight Management

Diet and wrinkles



I am on a vegetarian diet and eat no processed food, mainly fruits and vegetables, good carbs, fish oil flax seeds etc. I drink plenty of water as well. My diet is as healthy as it gets. The question I have is that my body fat is about 9% and my face looks wrinkley and aging. What can I do to maintain my healthy diet and get those wrinkles smoothed out. I was hoping my diet would lead to anti-aging as opposed to aging. Please help. Thank you.


Your diet is very healthy. The wrinkles in your face are probably tied to something besides food. Your age, the amount of time your skin has been exposed to sun and weather, whether you smoke or not, and whether you are male or female (9% body fat is too low for a woman) all have an effect on your skin. Genetics also plays a role. You have no control over your age, your genetics or your gender. If you smoke, quit. If you have been out in the sun too much most of your life, you won't be able to reverse the sun damage through diet. I would consult a dermatologist.

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