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Lung diseases

Resuming exercise after pneumonia



I`m just getting over pneumonia. I am a 36 year old, very active, healthy women. I work out frequently (spinning, resistance training, yoga). When can I resume my exercise regimen?


There are no hard and fast guidelines for returning to routine activities after a pneumonia.  The severity and type of the pneumonia, level of fitness and function prior to the infection, and general level of health may all influence how quickly you return to your exercise regimen.

Once you have completed your antibiotics or other treatment and feel ready to return to exercise, you might want to start out at a level of 50% of what you were doing prior to becoming ill.  If you do well with that, you can rapidly ramp back up to your regular routine.  If that work-out causes excessive fatigue, you might want to drop down to 25% of your original routine and then work up from there.  It sounds as if you are in excellent physical condition and should be able to return to your regular exercise program quickly. 

It may also be worthwhile to consult your regular physician if you have more detailed questions. 

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Ralph   Panos, MD Ralph Panos, MD
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