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The CT san report says:"bilateral miliary koch`s with mediastinal lymphadenopathy and bilateral upper zone fibrotic scarring" I have been suffering from this since 3-4 months and got this report today itself.Also here doctor`s views are clashing so your views are very important.Kindly help.


Although many different lung infections can cause similar findings on chest radiographs, "Koch's disease" is a synonym for tuberculosis, and the quote you send implies the radiologist saw evidence consistent with pulmonary tuberculosis on a CT scan.

CT scans provide much information about lung and lymph node tissues, but it may be difficult for the radiologist to predict whether pulmonary tuberculosis is active or inactive, particularly if there is only one CT scan or chest x-ray to examine. Old chest x-rays can be quite helpful in showing whether changes have been stable over time, which implies inactive disease, vs. progressive changes that implies disease activity. Your doctor may want to order other tests to look for evidence of tuberculosis.

Because tuberculosis can be contagious, there may be public health resources in your county of residence that you can call upon to help decide whether or not you have tuberculosis, and, if you do have tuberculosis, whether it is active or inactive. Decisions about therapy, contagiousness, and need for isolation precautions would be different for active vs. inactive tuberculosis.

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Lisa A Haglund, MD Lisa A Haglund, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati