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Skin Care and Diseases

Darrier`s Disease



What studies have been done on Darrier`s disease? Has any linnk been made to Darrier`s and metal fillings/dental work? Is there any link between Darrier`s and agent Orange? Is Darrier`s white a recessive or dominant gene? What are the chances of passing it on to offspring?


Your assumption is correct, that this disease has a genetic inheritance pattern and is not specifically related to any environmental factors such as metal filings, dental work, or Agent Orange.  There is an entity that looks like Darier's Disease but appears to be related to long-term exposure to ultraviolet light which is called transient acantholytic disease.  Its treatment is not precise, although many patients do get better with time and with the use of topical and occasional systemic retinoids.  If you are concerned about family and genetics, it would be important for you to seek out personal consultation with a human geneticist.  These may be found in almost every medical center and are frequently associated with Childrens Hospital Medical Centers.  They can take the specific family tree and clearly determine the inheritance pattern for you.  For general information I refer you to your public library, section of medicine.  Look for a recent dermatology textbook (1990 forward) and it will have a nice review of the process in general (it will lack the specifics I have suggested). 

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati