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Smoking and Tobacco

2nd hand smoke



I just started dating my Girlfriend who is trying to quit smoking. She may have one maybe two cigerettes a day. We are kissing and since I am not a smoker and never was, will her smoking effect me by kissing? Also I want to help her quit becasue whe wants to for her own health, Her doctor told her to because there is a sign of cancer. Is it better for me to ask her once in awhile how she is doing or should I be `remindering` her everyday of her smoking habit.


I am not aware of any studies that have shown transmission of smoking-related diseases from kissing, but you should not be around anyone who is actively smoking, or in any indoor area where smoking is allowed. Sometimes the air outdoors may also be harmful, depending how close you may be to people who are smoking.


I do not know what you mean by "a sign of cancer," so I do not know how to respond to that statement.


A good website to view about the dangers of secondhand smoke is the American Cancer Society @ www.cancer.org then search for "tobacco."

You do not need to keep reminding her of her smoking habit, but there are some things that supportive partners can do to be helpful. The best thing to do would be to ask her how you could be helpful. If she can identify her 'triggers' to smoke, you may be able to plan to DO SOMETHING ELSE; for example, if she likes to smoke after meals, plan to go for a walk.

There are many websites that can be helpful to people who are trying to quit. You might want to explore www.quitnet.com.

A good telephone quitline is:

The Ohio Tobacco Quit Line @ 1-800-QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669).

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