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Allergy to medication "SERC"



4 days after taking SERC (BETAHISTINE) a prohistamine medication for diziness, symptoms of unbearable headache/pressure in the head developed. Gradually, swelling over the entire body from feet to head/eyes in the next few weeks. Photosensitive developed with painful rashes when exposed to the sun. Sweeling has continued from top to bottom for 5 months since the end of August. (69 year old male with no health problems, 114/50, no medications, nonsmoker, no alcohol drinking, no healthy history). Doctor`s opinions: CHRONIC ANASARCA DUE TO ANAPHYLACTIC REACTION What good advice is available?


I can't find anything that supports this hypothesis.  If anything, in animal models, betahistine blocks mast cell activation and release of histamine.  Headaches are a side effect of betahistine.  The use of betahistine to treat dizziness, vertigo and Meniere's is very controversial and most studies show none or only a marginal effect.  You may have developed angioedema.  Photodermatitis could represent a physical hive.  I would see an allergist in your area who is experienced in the treatment of urticaria/angioedema (soft tissue swelling) who could evaluate and treat this condition.  Go to www.aaaai.org or www.acaai.org to find an allergist in your area.  

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