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Alzheimer's Disease

International Prescriptions for Alzheimer's Disease



I have a close family member that lives in a very poor village in Greece. They only have one doctor in the town.AFter extensive research I discovered that my grandmother now has severe Alzheimer's. I was wondering if you think i could get the Namenda I think it was called from America, and send it to her. She was taking aricept but I don't think that was doing too much since its severe now. Do you think its possible to even get a prescripition without her even being in the office?


Namenda is approved for moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease. It is available in many countries including the US and Europe. It is often used in combination with medications like Aricept to help with memory and thinking abilities. It can be used by itself. I am not familiar with the laws in Greece but would not think it would be possible to get Namenda without seeing a physician. Often for patients who have very very severe Alzheimer's disease, these medications will not be very effective as the disease is already far advanced.

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