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Effect of Duphaston tablet??



hello doctor, i am 25years old & married for 1 and half yrs.after my marriage my periods were irregular.doctors told i have dysfunctinal uterine bleeding so i underwent D & C 6months back.then i was said i have hormonal imbalance.so i was prescribed primolut-N for 2cycles during which my period was regular for every cycle.during the course of primolut-n doctor told i should not conceive as it may affect the baby.so we didnt have any intercourse during the primolut-N intake.now i stopped primolut-N on doctors advice & now she gave me fertomid-50 for 5days (1 per day) form 6th day of cycle to 10th day.then she told we can have intercourse & try to conceive a baby.and also she had prescribed me to take duphaston 10mg from 20th day of cycle to 26th day(7days).now i am on taking fertomid-50 & also having intercourse with my husband as we both are eager to have a baby. my doubt is..whether if i become pregnant now will the dupahston will affect my baby in anyway?can we have intercourse & take duphaston?when i asked my doctor she told it wont.but i am confused.please answer me as sson as possible doctor.thanks in advance.


It is a progesterone, a hormone that your body makes in the last part of a natural cycle and is meant to support a developing pregnancy. It is unlikely that it will cause any problems if you are taking it while pregnant. 

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