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Skin Care and Diseases




I have been itching for 5 to 6 months now. All these little fine bumps just pops up all over my body and itch like crazy. I have been a diabetic for just about 16 years and never had a problem with my medicine. About 5 to 6 months ago two (2)things happen: 1. I was bitten by a bug on my leg 2. Because I became anemic, my doctor started me on 365mg Sulfate Ferrious Since then all these tiny bumps is from head to toe and itching. It is driving me crazy, I scatch for 3 to h hours at night when I take off my clothes, i itch with clothes on and worst when I take them off. what is this?


Uncontrolled diabetes may result in itching, but is not associated with any skin eruption that itches.  An eruption such as you describe might be urticaria.  It might even be part of a disease complex called dermatitis herpetiformis.  While it is unlikely, some of your lesions may represent bites from fleas, bed bugs, or even harvester mites.  There is a list of insects that can produce numerous papules.  I would suggest that you see your board certified dermatologist who will examine not only your clothing but also your body surface and may require a biopsy to establish the correct diagnosis. 

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati