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Infectious Diseases

I have a question about genital warts.



I am 34 years old. About four years agos , i started having issues in the anal area. Some itching, some discomfort when i have a bowel movement. My doctor has examined me several times and can`t find anything other that hemmoroids. My worry has been warts. I`m a heterosexual male who has NEVER been with a man sexually. I did however have a girlfriend when i was 17 who used a vibrater on me while performing oral sex on me. This only happened three or four times. My question is this: Can warts be caused by contact with a sex toy and if so, would it take 13 or 14 years to manifest into symptoms? I worry about this mainly because i have a 6 year old daughter and worry that somehow i could pass this on to her with casual contact. Your assistence with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Genital warts/HPV infection is a viral infection that is common among sexually active adults. Incubation period is variable and it is often difficult to determine the source of infection. Sex toys if cleaned appropriately do not transmit this infection. You cannot transmit this infection to a child via casual contact. 

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