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High iron levels



Hi I am concerned about blood tests which I have recently received. My symptoms are fatique, sore joints low sex drive, mild depression and anxiety. The results are : HFE C282Y Mutation Not Detected HFE H63D Mutation Heterozygous HFE S65C Mutation Heterozygous “The S65C mutation may be implicated in mild iron overload when inherited in the compound heterozygous state with either C282y or H63D.” S. Ferritin 466 ug/l S. Iron 16 umol/L S.Ibc 57 umol/L Iron Saturation 28 % Can you advise on whether my symptoms are likely to be caused by the iron. Is 466 high. Many thanks


The two genes that are mentioned, when inherited together, could give rise to a form of hemochromatosis that might cause symptoms.  The serum ferritin is elevated at 466 ug/l, and this is high enough to warrant treatment.  It would be important to contact your physician to discuss these results further.   Certainly consideration should be given to treatment with therapeutic phlebotomy or other medications if warranted to try to bring the ferritin down to normal range. This will help prevent further complications and may improve some of the current symptoms.

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