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Pulmonary Hypertension

What is the true level?



My cardiologist (seen today for first time,) claims that my pulmonary syst. level of 35 is not of any concern & to wait for 6mths, checking with another cardiograph.Most I/Net sites claim that anything over 25 = PH. Who is right? I have occasional ankle swelling, severe fatigue, increasing dyspnoea -( but fatigue could be due to stress factors & overwork.) Should I seek another opinion? He was happy that my heart functions normallt O/E.


What we measure on the echo is the systolic pulmonary artery pressure, and a pressure of 35 is usually not a cause of concern if the size of the cardiac chambers is normal. The site talks about a mean pressure greater than 25 which can only be measured by a cardiac catheterization. However, if you are having progressive symptoms, the cause for those will need to be identified.

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