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High Blood Pressure

My 2D-Echo test report



The test report has the following findings apart from all other which are termed as Normal

Left Ventrical : No regional wall motion abnormality. LVOd x LVOs: 5.0 cms x 3.6 cms. E.F. : 50% F.S.: 25 % Left Atrium: 3.65 cms Aorta: 3.34 cms Doppler study: MFV : A > E, AJV : 1.3 mt/sec, PJV : 0.7 mt/sec Impressions: Normal Sized Cardiac Chambers, No Obvious REgional Wall Motion Abnormality, Fair LV Systolic function, No MR / AR

What do you construe from such a report. I am 45 years old and have a family of heart attack in old age from my paternal side. I am Diabetic and a smoker.

will appreciate if you could tell me the state of the health of my heart.



It appears that all the dimensions of your heart and aorta are normal.  That means that you don't have cardiac enlargement.  The absence of regional wall motion abnormality means that all parts of the heart muscle move normally.  There is no sign of damage, such as you could get from an old heart attack, for example.

The ejection fraction is a measure of the efficiency and strength of the left ventricle.  Normal is around 60 to 70%.  Your ejection fraction is somewhat low.  This can still be normal, but could indicate some mild form of heart disease.

Diabetic patients who never had a heart attack have the same risk for heart disease as a non-diabetic person who already had a heart attack.

In your case, aggressive control of blood pressure, to a systolic (the upper number) below 120 mmHg is necessary, as well as good blood sugar control.  Smoking increases your risk further.  If at all possible, you should stop.

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Max C Reif, MD Max C Reif, MD
Professor of Medicine
Director of Hypertension Section
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati