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Skin Care and Diseases

Treatment for skin rash



My 2 year old son has developed a rash all over his body (worse on the hands and feet) since we have been in florida, it looks like an allergic reaction and sun poisoning. It is in the form of small blister like pimples that are red. What can or should I do to treat it un til we get home?


It is difficult to give you a diagnosis from your description.  Sunburns and photosensitive eruptions usually are macular; that is they are flat, they have blisters, viremias, and reactions to bacterial, and tend to be papular and papulopustular.  If it is an allergic reaction or is a reaction to an infection, your son should be seen as soon as possible by a pediatrician in the Florida area and/or a board certified dermatologist if available.  Your closest emergency department can probably help you locate someone that is competent.  I would not, I repeat, I would not wait to have this diagnosed and urge you to see a physician at the earliest moment.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati